Sometimes sunshine turn to rain my nigga,
The same ones you love will bring you pain, my nigga,
I don’t know if I’ll see tomorrow,
But I won’t cry, no, I can’t cry.
And in this life, times getting hard my nigga,
But fuck that, I’m aiming for the stars, my nigga,
I won’t stop, try ‘til the day I die,
And I won’t cry, no, I can’t cry, no.

J. Cole
Lil’ Wayne is the grinch who stole hip-hop and J. Cole is the savior coming to rescue it.
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" it seems on the outside that you think that you’re the shit, But there’s a soul that’s inside that you didn’t even know exist "
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Dreams, J. Cole feat. Brandon Hines (2009)


“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.” coleworld 


R.E.D. album!!!!….Aug 29th yeeeeeeeeeeeee

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“And every little fuck up they blame it on Barack, cuz he just like JEEZY, born in the trap”

Primo killed that shit!

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The Game - One Blood (Cookin’ Soul Remix) 

This shit is so funkalicious 

they called him STRETCH koz he was the tallest in his crew

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